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The Colton Stout Scholarship Fund, Inc. was created in memory of Colton Alexander Stout, an EMT-IV and Firefighter, to award 2 annual scholarships, EMT Certification scholarships or Paramedic Certification scholarships. This is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is funded solely by generous donations from individuals, businesses and clubs. The executive director and board members are volunteering their time, and are not compensated. The money donated to this fund will be given to selected candidates to allow them to follow their dream, to pursue a career in the first responder field. We hope you will adopt our Scholarship Fund, as one of the many charities you support.

"He's With Me"




"He's With Me"

Tracy Stout

I had always heard people say, "God spoke to me" all the time. Something that had never happened to me so, of course, I was skeptical.  Until one day, about 5 weeks after Colton's wreck, I was praying so desperately, sobbing uncontrollably, unconsolable, after a bit I was exhausted and quit praying and listened. Then I heard a voice I knew instinctively was Jesus' say, "He's with me."  His voice was just as clear as if he was in the same room with me.  And He was. The Creator of all there is spoke to me to give me peace. He told me Himself that my son was with Him! Jesus was standing there with His arms open and I walked into them. It was the most real feeling I have ever had.  While this was all happening I realized I had never felt "worthy" enough to expect that He would ever actually talk to me like He did others.  It took this tragedy, it took me giving up all control because I had none, the world felt as it if was off its axis, everything was wrong. It took this blind, desperate need to KNOW what was going on with my son in order for me to get to that point.  Because He knew what I was thinking He said, "You are worthy."  Then after holding me with the strongest, most comforting pure kind of hug, I thought He moved away and I was on my knees.  But, He said, "You moved away from me."  Which was true. I had backed away from Him and dropped on my knees! Which is what I always have done.  He never leaves me, has NEVER left me.  I always left Him.  Never again, I am worthy.